Nancy Isime "The TV Golden Queen" is on the Cover of Media Room Hub’s April 2021 Issue


Media Room Hub is out with its April issue and on the cover is award-winning TV host, actor, executive producer and creator of “The Nancy Isime Show” and CEO of Nip Studio, Nancy Isime, for being an inspiration.

In this exclusive chat, Nancy Isime details her journey to stardom and shares her views on the anti-gay law in Nigeria and why everyone should be enough by themselves amongst others.

Media Room Hub says,

While we live in a time where it’s quite easy to associate a woman’s success, sweat and achievements to gold-digging or prostitution, Isime has not only continued to work and invest in herself but has also remained unstoppable over the years, trying to change this narrative.

Thus, we deemed it fit to have a chat with the golden media beauty on her journey so far as well as celebrate all she’s accomplished. So, in this interview with us, Nancy talks us through her journey to stardom, her vision for ‘The Nancy Isime Show’, her take on the anti-gay law in Nigeria and why everyone should be enough by themselves amongst others.

Read Excerpts from the interview below:

Given how much hard work you put into building your career, do you sometimes give yourself a pat in the back for a job well done seeing how hard it is for people to give deserving persons their flowers these days?

Yes for sure. You have to give yourself a pat in the back as often as you can. So, for myself sometimes I take a look back and appreciate how far I have come.

Looking back to how you started, to now having your own show, “Nancy Isime Show”, how does it feel?

It feels amazing! Winning Miss Valentine was no where close to the beginning of my journey but it’s been good to see all the evolution, progress and and all the good things that have been happening and the hard work I continue to put in, it’s a great feeling.

Tell us about your journey to stardom

It’s been a long journey. There have been loads of huddles and struggles but of course, for everyone to get to where they need to be in life there’s always going to be struggle but it’s all about moving past the challenge and keeping your head up.

Are you in a relationship?

Well, I’m not married so that’s what matters. As it stands, when you fill a form anywhere in the world it’s either you are single or married and I’m not married so I’m single.

Are you single and searching?

Not searching. Probably will never search, I don’t search for things.

Things come to you then?

At the right time, under the right circumstances.

What’s your take on the anti-gay law in Nigeria?

I have never really understood the law because we have a lot of things bothering us as a nation. So the law was really something I didn’t understand at the beginning but the government is the government so they must do what’s best for them and they must figure out their own part of the work. But I just feel like people should be allowed to live their lives the best way they deem fit as long as they are not bothering you and they are not hurting you. There are bigger issues to be worried about than who someone prefers to sleep with, that’s my take.

What do you want to be remembered for?

I want to be remembered as that girl who just did her thing, lived her best life, minded her business most of the times, that girl who at the end of the day when she has to stand before God she would say, I used all the talents that you’ve given to me and there’s nothing left. I want to be remembered as that girl who was kind, who was focused, who didn’t bother anybody and didn’t want to be bothered. She tried her best while she was here.

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