#OccupyNigeria trends as Nigerians Kick Against Social Media & Hate Speech Bills

Nigerians everywhere continue to lament the two controversial bills the Nigerian Senate is deliberating: the Social Media Bill and the Hate Speech Bill.

Throughout the weekend Nigerians were sending mails and texts, calling their senators, to let them know their disapproval of the Social Media Bill.
The Social Media bill, “Protection from Internet Falsehood and Manipulation Bill 2019,” is seeking to clamp down on the use of social media to comment on politics and governance, with vague clauses that discuss blocking the internet of users in a particular location.
Social media users have shared the contact details of representatives across the country, imploring the people to reach out to them and express their disapproval.
Below are the contact details of the 109 Senators. Don't just retweet, but also take action. Send an email! Send text messages! Call them! Tell your friends and families to do the same! TALK TO YOUR SENATORS!
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Posts on social media also claim that parts of the Social Media Bill have been copied verbatim from a similar bill in Singapore, with only the country name replaced.
At the end of the day, the Hate Speech Bill was copied from Singapore word for word by brain dead Senator Sani Musa who earns N13.5million monthly for being stupid!
Soon, Nigerians who hailed Buhari and APC would know what they have done to themselves!
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Now, Nigerians are trending #OccupyNigeria and #OccupyNigeriaSeasonII, demanding that people take to the streets to protest not just the Social Media Bill, but the Hate Speech Bill, too, which proposes a death sentence.
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We won’t be held down.

We won’t be intimidated.

We won’t be cowed.

We are citizens and not slaves.

Nigeria remains a democracy!

Rise Up!
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If all we're going to do I'd tweet about this
And not physically leave our houses, I doubt anything is going to happen.

Imagine if during the first all we did was tweet, do you think anything would have happened.
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Any form of protest in Nigeria under Buhari without police / DSS assault or teargassing is nothing but a politically motivated protest and a pro-government movement.

I think it's time for to resurface.
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Even though Nigerians needs to but our fears are so enormous that is affecting us badly. We need total system overhaul in Nigeria. We can only achieve that if we face our fear and with full force
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The has been trending since yesterday and about to fade out.

Can we have dates and venues before that happens. Let people who can lead lead please🙏

Let it not be another hashtag.
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For some of us recently out of Uni, Nigeria has been nothing but a " Banana Republic "

Elections have turned to warfare, economic policy is drowning in okrika socialism.

& when we complain, they threaten us with social media bill.
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I see is trending. Are we truly ready? Is the market woman, the vulcanizer, the vulnerables in the society conscious of this? Are they up for what we are fighting for is beyond party line politics, religion and ethnicity?
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What's the essence of life if I cannot speak out in defence of humanity? Death is when you are confined to fear of life.
For my children's sake, is one task that must be achieved.
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After years of mediocre service, after years of failed promises SUDDENLY they want to take our voices? Because we are now getting smart and using our voice to condemn their evil deeds, I weep for this country!
Having no opportunity in my generation to experience what true democracy and rule of law are in my own country Nigeria. A state where every political apparatuses including the president himself will not be at rest just to save a soul. https://twitter.com/SympLySimi/status/1198338448467337216 
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Become a voice, join the people physically, we as Nigerians need to be forefront of this, let the rest of the world support our effort. Not that we waiting for the world i.e. @UN to come help us. Join the rally, be part of it physically, be front n Centre https://twitter.com/iam_ycee/status/1197858278350479360 
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should be the number trending in Nigeria..they want to take away they only thing Nigeria have..electoral act has gone under the bed, they enjoy violence and Nigerians dying on election day.
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We have been sleeping mentally, time to wake up Nigerian Youth. This is a clarion call, and we ALL must obey that call!!!
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What do you expect from a situation whereby employee claimed to be boss at the expense of employer.

My dear @NigeriaSenate whether you like it or not you are accountable to the people in your senatorial district.
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What if they successfully sign the social media bill, do you think that would be a leverage for Nigerians to take the fight off social media and ?
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Guys, it’s time!! 🚨🚨🚨

Enough of the injustice and also enough of us just ranting on social media, it’s time to hit the street!!

Who’s in on this??? 🚨🚨
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