Watch: Melete discuss the damages and corruption in new video for Suffering and Smiling


Melete a young and promising youth hails from Enugu State also know as the coal city state. Melete whose name is Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Anukwu was born I to a Christian family and nurtured in the Christ-like.

Melete had is early education in the same eastern State of his birth Enugu State at Oze Boys Secondary School and had his first degree in Theatre Art at the University of Nsukka, Nigeria (UNN).

Melete started his music journey as a chorister in his family church at the age of 14 where he grew up with the passion to sing and learned musical instruments such as drumming and playing the piano. In 2015, Melete took the bold step to delve into music permanently as that's where his passion lies. Between 2015 and now, Melete has done about 15 songs all together.

Melete a superstar in the making is out with another mega hit song "Suffering and Smiling" which is centred around the vices, menaces, corruptions that is lingering in the nation. Suffering and Smiling is a song to help people with bad intentions to know that it usually do not end well with those that continue with their evil deeds.