Miguel and Nazanin have Nothing but Love for their First Wedding Anniversary ❤️

Music star Miguel and his model wife, Nazanin are still very much in love with each other after one year of marriage. The couple, who were long time lovers, got married on November 2018, after a 13-year relationship.

Taking to Instagram, Nazanin expressed her love and gratitude to Miguel and also started a beautiful ritual of writing him a love letter every year. She wrote:
“I’ve decided that every year on our Anniversary I’m going to give him a handwritten letter expressing my love & gratitude ✨ Can’t wait to reread them together 30 years from now. Cheers to Us. Cheers to Love Letter #1”
Miguel also expressed his love to Nazanin on Instagram with the words:
“Nothing makes me happier than this expression on her face ! Happy 1st official year anniversary mylove… went by too fast, just like the night in this photo 🔥🥂 🎇🥂🔥”