It’s All About Traditional Nigerian Menswear For Actor Emmanuel Ikubese

Actor Emmanuel Ikubese is on a mission to showcase Nigerian menswear to the world and that’s exactly what he’s doing. Its all about Nigerian traditional menswear for the MTV Shuga actor. His Instagram is the roadmap to slaying in any Nigerian traditional menswear look.

From dashikis to agbadas, the ex Mr Nigeria rocks them all and with all the swag imaginable. His colour choices are daring and fabulous. From yellow to red, there is no stopping this guy. His posts on the ‘gram are definitely all the inspo you need before hitting up your go-to designers.
See some of our faves below and what we love about it, plus who the brands behind each look.
Designer: April 9ine 
Why: The unusual rust colour, that silver wrist-watch and tonal brown sandals =  a solid 10 in our books.

Designer: Voditailors
Why: Bold red and matching red soles slippers and you will never be ignored.
Designer: VANSKERE
Why: A toned-down green for a wet day is just right.
Why: Long sleeves and classic aviators scream ‘I’m a boss’
Designer: VANSKERE
Why: This entire look is a win.