Enugu Community Blames Fulani Herdsmen For Alleged Raping, Killing Of 67-Year-Old Woman

A 67 years old woman, Mrs. Regina Mba, has been allegedly raped and
killed at Nchatacha-Nike in Enugu East local government in Enugu state
resulting in a protest by residents of the area who claimed she was
attacked by a herdsmen

In protest, they brought her corpse along Enugu-Abakaliki, blocked the
highway, burnt tyres and prevented vehicles from passing.

The President General of Nchatancha-Nike community, Kingsley Anike,
told Vanguard: “She (the deceased) went to farm yesterday (Wednesday)
within the hours of 2 pm and 6 in the evening, she was attacked.

"Later in the evening when we expected her home, she didn’t come back.
We started searching for her throughout the night and this morning
(Thursday), there was an expanded search team. It wasn’t really a
distant farm, it is a nearby farm because people are not leaving far
from the location, so we saw her corpse and on getting there we saw
her undies were torn apart, lying by the side, she sustained stabbing
on her hands and at the back of her neck and she is dead already.

"We called the police who have visited the scene and took photographs
of the whole situation. The body has been deposited in the mortuary.”

Speaking about her likely killer, he stated: "Isn’t that obvious? The
Fulani. There was this Fulani group with their cattle within that area
that we know and when this thing happened, they moved out, they
relocated. It couldn’t have been any other person; indigenes couldn’t
just have attacked fellow indigenes and an old woman for that matter
in her late 60s.

“She is an old woman and it couldn’t have been any other person that
can perpetuate that type of action from the same community. So we are
sure it’s the Fulani and that’s the obvious fact there. If the police
want, let them do their investigation and state the fact. We know what
the country is and we pray that justice will take its course.”

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