Beyoncé on her no-meat diet: ‘To meet my goal I'm limiting myself’

One of women’s worst fears is the scale and after sharing her exact weight before going on the Coachella diet, Beyoncé has proved to be no different.

The renowned muso shared a clip with her fans on her YouTube page titled “22 Days Nutrition” where she candidly gets onto a scale.
“Every woman’s nightmare . . .” she can be heard saying before stepping onto the scale, revealing her post-birth weight, which was 79,5 kg (175lb).
“Long way to go. Let’s get it,” she said ahead of embarking on the nutrition regimen created by her personal trainer, Marco Borges.
According to CNN, the Spirit hitmaker, who was meant to headline the Coachella music festival in 2017, had to put her historic performance on hold due to her pregnancy with twins Sir and Rumi Carter.
Variety reported that the 37-year-old who signed a Netflix deal worth R850 million for her Homecoming, Coachella performance, endured 44 days of the grilling programme to get her body into shape ahead of the show.
Check out the full video below.