If You Love Bez Then You Should also Have his "The Light" album on your playlist | #ubertalksmusic

Music star Bez just dropped a brand new album and we’re super excited to share the album with you.
Titled “The Light”, Bez says:

So it’s been a while and hopefully this will be the end of my long silence. It’s the last weekend in July, and we’re so excited to bless you with a gift. I’ve been working on this body of work for over a year and I’m happy to let you know that my third album THE LIGHT is available for your streaming pleasure.
I made this specially for you and I know that you would love the way it makes you feel. Don’t take my word for it, go right ahead and click and experience the vibe!!!!!!
Have a great weekend and please do share with friends and loved ones.Love and Light.
Bez Idakula.
PS: We have so many things planned for the year, and we’ll let you know as soon as we confirm dates.
Listen to it below!

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