Jada Pinkett Smith tells her story of overcoming Porn Addiction

In a new episode of Red Table TalkJada Pinkett Smith opens up about her past addiction to porn, at a point in her life when she was trying to practice abstinence.

The 47-year-old actress explained:
I wasn’t in a relationship when I had a porn addiction, believe it or not, thank goodness…I actually feel like I was using ‘addiction’ a little lightly. And maybe I’ll say now that I had an unhealthy relationship to porn at one point in my life where I was trying to practice abstinence. It was actually like filling an emptiness, at least you think it is…It gives you false expectations as far as sexual interaction. I can definitely see with men: how a woman should always be willing and ready, he should be able to have sex however he wants anywhere and any position, anywhere, and you should enjoy it no matter what.
While talking to her daughter Willow and mother Adrienne, Jada also went on to discuss the detrimental effects of porn on a person’s career and personal relationships.

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