Dika Ofoma Tackles Societal Issues with New Film "God's Wife"


Following the success of his short film "A Quiet Monday" on the festival circuit, filmmaker Dika Ofoma dives into his next project, "God's Wife." This co-production between Omaka Films and Clan Yujo tackles a powerful social issue.

The film centers around Nkiruka, a young widow grappling with conflicting demands. Upholding her Catholic faith clashes with traditional practices when her deceased husband's brother makes a proposition.

Ofoma, drawing inspiration from a real-life news story, sheds light on the plight of widows in Nigeria. "These stories are far too common," he explains. "Widows face inhumane conditions, including rituals to prove their innocence. Worse, some communities deny them property ownership, leaving them at the mercy of in-laws."

"God's Wife" serves as a call to action, reflecting societal injustices and demanding change. It pays homage to classic Nollywood films like "Ajadu" (2001) and "A Cry for Help" (2002) that addressed similar themes.

Ofoma wears multiple hats for the project, acting as both writer and director. A strong creative team supports him, including producers Sandra Baake Aminarh and Onyinye Odokoro (who also takes on the lead role of Nkiruka). Joe Penny handles cinematography, while Franklin Ogalanya and Raymond Yusuff collaborate on editing. Rounding out the cast are Uzochukwu Nnadi and Ego Nworji.

Odokoro, the film's lead actress, shares her connection to the project. "Stories about everyday Nigerians resonate deeply with me," she says. "Dika portrays these struggles with exceptional talent. The compassion and sensitivity in his writing drew me to the role. Nkiruka's quiet strength and defiance are inspiring, both within the story and in my own life. I hope the film not only entertains but also raises awareness about the plight of countless women like Nkiruka."

Filming for "God's Wife" concluded in November 2023, and the film is currently in post-production.