Kunle Remi makes shocking revelation on “The Honest Bunch Podcast”

Kunle Remi is the latest guest on “The Honest Bunch Podcast.”

Kunle Remi, like many others, didn’t exactly have a glitzy beginning to his professional life. In this episode, the actor talks about his first time in Lagos, the early days of his career, not compromising on his principles, working on “Anikulapo,” and lots more.

“Once you understand your value, worth, and principle, and you have something greater than what you want to become, that you stand for or stand with, for some of us, it’s only God,” he says on the importance of knowing your value and worth. “I can tell you that I am an example and a testimony that my work with Him has made me get to this point where I can walk into anywhere, any office, and get myself heard. I was willing to go through the process.”