We Present To You The Best Among Many Desmond Paul 4Real #DesmondPaul4Real


I'm Desmond Chinouso Paul aka Desmond 4real. I am from lmo State in Amirum Oru East Local Government Area 

I was born and brought up in lmo State. My primary and secondary school education were in lmo state, I attended higher institution in Tripoli Libya.

I started my music career in 2016 where I produced my first track called "Anything I Say" after my first song I released an EP called "D game".

My inspiration in music are being drawn from true event that happens around me, in my environment, society. 

My experience into the music space has been filled with ups and downs, struggling back and forth to make a headway, it became my hustle and bustle head and ears despite the little support from friends howbeit my father has always not been in support of my music career, he has always aspired I became a lawyer

Yes! Every endeavour comes with it own challenge or has it own challenge, one challenge I'm battling is finance. Everyone knows music requires alot of investment to yield massive and resultant projection, be as it may I'm not relenting because I believe I'm few feets to glory.