Butt (nyansh) Obsession: We asked 5 men why they love a big backside. Why nyansh is so importan


It was Nigerian musician Victony who sang, ‘all power belongs to your bum bum’ and highlighted the fact that many men are smitten with a big bum.

Men of this world are divided into two: those who love boobs and those who love ass. These men are always at each other's throats about whose attraction is superior and more valid.

I spoke to five men who love big butts and here is what they had to say:

“I need something to hold and grab. When we are walking on the streets, I want to put my arms around her and find a place for my arm to lean on. When we are walking on the streets, I want something to grab.”

“Ass looks nice. I mean it is so aesthetically pleasing. I can’t say the same about boobs. For me, it is about how it looks and I love looking at a big butt.”

Ass is life. It is all about the texture, it has to be soft, and able to wiggle. Size is not as important as texture.”

“I used to be a boobs man, probably still am, but I'm finding ass more attractive these days. It's fun to play with. It makes a woman more appealing, and it comes with some rarity.

"Like there are more boobs than asses out there, I might be wrong but that's my perception.

"To be honest, I find it more fun to play with and makes the ‘act’ more enjoyable.

"I like a hefty lower region. The appearance alone blows my mind. The curves! Parts to grip! C’mon!"

Research conducted in 2013 at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, asked heterosexual men if they preferred butts over breasts. 59% of them said they did, compared to 38.5% who held up a torch for boobs. Only 2% liked both equally, showing that it is always an ’either or’ thing for men.

And, yes, seeing ass men the majority probably explains why BBLs have become so popular.