10 of Bimbo Ademoye’s Most Hilarious Moments


We can all agree that Bimbo Ademoye is a natural comedian.

From “Sugar Rush,” “Breaded Life,” “Rofia Tailor Loran,” and “Selina” to her Instagram profile, this tweep can attest to the fact that she’s effortlessly hilarious.

She pranked her dad with false pregnancy news on Father’s Day, and it was hilarious. For us, it’s how she managed to keep a straight face until she couldn’t anymore. We decided to round up just a few of Bimbo’s funniest moments to celebrate the queen who brings so much laughter to so many.

Take a look!

Father’s Day prank

An astonishing revelation from her dad

A short clip of her hilarious role in “Selina”

Skit with Mr Macaroni


Honestly, we weren’t laughing, but Bimbo it’s just a horse

What this, please

It’s her facial expression for us

Her Role in “Living with Baami”

That time she got featured in the “Ndani TGIF Show”