Song Alert: Lanre Matthew - Fona hàn mí Fàyè gbà mí Fìgbà yẹ mí (FFF)

Lanre Matthew a gospel singer, minister, son writer is a devout Christian and a music/praise leader in church where he started his own ministration and evangelism through music.

So far his song has travelled far and near and has imparted people with loss of hope, broken hearted and healed and strengthened the weak.

Lanre Matthew does his outreaches of winning souls for Christ through music and he is not stopping because of the passion of Christ in him has grown bigger and stronger.

Lanre Matthew has just released another song "Fona hàn mí Fàyè gbà mí Fìgbà yẹ mí (FFF)" which is now available on all streaming platforms and digital stores.

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