Hakeem Kae-Kazim stars in “Cracka” which focuses on racial dynamics with a historical twist


British-Nigerian actor Hakeem Kae-Kazim, best known for his roles as Adesola in “Last Flight to Abuja” and Dede in “Black November,” is the lead in Dector Dale Resteghini‘s film “Cracka.”

Dector Dale Resteghini’s dissatisfaction with the growth of white supremacy in recent years inspired “Cracka.” Dale took it upon himself to develop the mind-blowing project to respond to the current state of racism in the media.

Full of painfully rich, historical broad strokes of history, “Cracka” drops us into the black and white mystique of slavery, with hopes to strengthen the outlook of pointless bigotry that is still haunting us today, 401 years later. Co-writer Kevin D. Young gives a brutally honest, in-depth look and new meaning to life, love, liberty, and justice for all. By using present-day situations, blending daily headlines and adding a historical twist, the project is simply holding up a mirror for others to accept the history of America then, and the state of America now.

Hakeem Kae-Kazim co-stars with Lorenzo Antonucci and James Darnell in the film. Joining Executive Producers Antony Martini, Rob Garcia and Kim Resteghini are acclaimed author and activists Piper Monique Dellums, and singer/writer Tish Hyman, who curated the music and soundtrack.

“Cracka” is available exclusively on Vyre Network.