Enroll Into The Chartered Institute of Human Resources and Strategic Management (CIHRSM)


Chartered Institute of Human Resources and Strategic Management (CIHRSM) is a professional membership and certification Institute that awards' the two most desired professional certificates (Human Resources and Strategic Management) to both private and public organizations.
The professional/educational value of the institute is in our two months visual/audio training/lecture which is part of our December 2021 professional membership certification induction/ conference for practicing professional and none professional respectively  

Upon completion of the two months training, prospective members will obtain our Professional Membership Certification as;
(1) Fellow Member (FCIHRSM) 
(2) Full Member (MCIHRSM). 
(3) Associate Member
(ACIHRSM) and 
(4) Graduate Member (GCIHRSM) respectively

1 Professional membership certificate

2 Professional membership certification

3 Proficiency certificate in human resources and strategic management

4 Certificate for participation in the conference

Take advantage of our dual professional membership certification and flexible installmental mode of payment  

Please find the courses for the training/lectures below:

Prospective members will be trained on;

1. Attitude and Character Management in Workplace (Advance)

2. Employee Employer Relationship (Advance)

3. Management of Subordinate and Insubordination (Advance)

4. Principles and practice of Human Resources and Strategic Management

5. Human Resources Management 

6. Work Ethics 

The online training will start ending of August


1. Graduate Membership for Corp Members, final year students of any discipline of any University and Poly and fresh graduate 

2. Associate membership for those with minimum of OND with two to three years of post graduation in any discipline  

3. Full membership for those who have minimum of OND with four to six years of post graduation in any discipline 

4. Fellow membership for those who have B.Sc or it equivalent with eight years and above of post graduation in any discipline.

We do not just award certificates, we train, we educate, we impact, we guide, and integrate professionals.

For more details, please chat or call 

08035647962, 08082243965

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