Osun LG election: Conduct election or resign – PDP to Oyetola


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Osun State has berated the State Governor, Adegboyega Oyetola for deliberately obstructing local government administration in the State and playing politics with the lives of people at the grassroots.

This is as it advised the All Progressives Congress (APC) led government in the state to revive the already moribund local government administration or to throw in the towel for its deficiency in proper governance ideas.

In a statement signed by the State Publicity Secretary, Jacob Ayodeji Areola on Wednesday, the PDP wondered why the closest tier of government to the people of Osun had recklessly been ravaged and left dysfunctional and also accused the ruling party of sacrificing governance on APC intra party squabbles.

The party hinted that it was giving the state government two options which included the immediate installation of a functional local government administration in the state in order to save the state from further public discomfiture or resignation from office for lack of acumen, capacity and due diligence which are stimulus for good governance.

It bemoaned the seeming extermination of local governments in the state, a development which it alluded to a conglomerated looting of the state treasury under the APC administration in Osun State.

“We understand Mr. Oyetola was still a political infant at the time of his ‘presidential remote controlled ascension of office’. However, as a product of a dying platform like APC, the PDP expects Mr. Oyetola to rise above his false fortune and give the people of our dear state a semblance of good governance, especially at the local government level.

“It is unthinkable that a self professed genius in public management would be so entangled in abject confusion over the conduct of local government election where acceptable administrators are to be elected.

“Granted that the governor and his cabinet are bereft of basic rudiments of governance in a constitutional democracy, Osun State must not be made a pawn in their political chessboard, where certified apprentices are claiming political ‘Yokosuna’, thereby, leaving the state to suffer for their immaturity, cluelessness and arrogance.

“Mr. Oyetola must enroll with his masters on the need to make local governments in the state actively functional for the good of our people or resign in defeat.”

The PDP appealed to the state’s founding fathers, traditional rulers and religious leaders to impress it on the governor to stop bastardising local government administration in the state.

“The governor should conduct local government election or seek help for his obvious ineptitude in the state.

“Leaving local government administration in the hands of some dictatorial managers, while settling political scores or engaging in political ‘friendly fire’ at the expense of our people in the state, who are mostly rural dwellers, is most uncharitable, unreasonable and absolutely unacceptable.

“Good governance via a viable and functional local government administrations is a statutory right of Osun people. This is not negotiable,” it argued.