EPL: Man City’s prize money for winning Premier League title revealed


The prize money Manchester City will earn after winning the 2020/21 season has been revealed.

The Premier League reached its conclusion in terms of the winners on Tuesday night, with Man City crowned champions without even having to kick a ball.

City’s nearest rivals Manchester United lost 2-1 against Leicester City at Old Trafford, meaning that no club can now catch Pep Guardiola’s men, who clinched the title for the third time in five years at the Etihad Stadium.

According to Forbes, a portion of the pool money is distributed based on a club’s finishing position in the final standings.

Man City will receive their equal share of the total pool, which equates to 50% of the total pool, shared equally between all 20 English clubs.

Then there is a facility fee, which is 25% of the pool, which is divided out depending on how many times the club’s games are broadcast within the United Kingdom (UK).

After that are the merit payments, which is the remaining 25%, this is a tapered pay-out depending on where a club finished in the EPL table and Man City, as champions, will obviously receive the biggest portion.

The Citizen will also receive money from other areas such as central commercial revenues and overseas television broadcasting rights.

The last time Man City won the Premier League [2018/19], they took home 150 million pounds, but this year, that figure will almost certainly be lower due to lost revenue during the COVID-19 pandemic.