John Henry owner of Liverpool FC rejects £3billion offer from Middle East


Liverpool’s billionaire owner and president of Fenway Sports Group, John Henry has reportedly rejected an astonishing offer of £3billion to sell the club. 

According to a new report, a bid from the Middle East was submitted to owner, John Henry, before news broke early this week of the club’s involvement in the failed European Super League.


According to the Mirror, John Henry rejected the bid.

Liverpool's US owner John W. Henry and his company Fenway Sports Group (FSG) are under pressure to sell the club after supporters protested against the owners this week following the clubs involvement in the highly criticized European super league.


Billionaire businessman John Henry rejects ?3billion offer from Middle East to sell Liverpool football club

The report adds that other potential buyers are ready to buy the club if the owners decide to sell but it would cost more than £3bn to convince them 

FSG bought the club for around £300million in 2010 and have overseen Liverpool’s first Premier League title win, as well as a Champions League triumph under Jurgen Klopp.

The value of the club has rocketed since then. They recently sold a 10% stake to RedBird Capital for £543m.

Club legend Jamie Carragher suggests there may be no way back for FSG as the fan backlash towards them means they just have to sell the club.

‘I don’t see where they go from here, the owners. They apologised – that may make a difference but I even think long term it will be really difficult for them,’ Carragher told BBC Radio Merseyside.

‘Time is a great healer, we all know that, and they (FSG) have done good things at the club, I don’t forget that – the ownership which brought in Jurgen Klopp, you think of the new Main Stand, the training ground.

‘They have made mistakes along the way, but this being the biggest one. It’s just whether supporters can ever forgive them for it. I think it will take a very long time for this to heal.’