Follow the Struggles of a New Mum in Kinsman Media’s Short Film, “After One”

Kinsman Media has premiered a new short film titled “After One” on YouTube

“After One” details the unseen events of a new mum, Jane and what follows after child birth as she navigates her new life.

The birth of a child is not all that it’s cracked out to be and Jane, a new mom, struggles with her new life while dealing with the pressure of societal insensitivity and unhealthy traditions.

The movie was directed by Ayobola Eniola, written by Lydia Emmanuel and produced by Ololade Okedare and Fiyinfolu C.P Okedare who also serve as executive producers alongside Ayobola Eniola.

“After One” stars Lakunmi Salako, Fiyinfolu C.P Okedare, Caleb Okedare, Sade Aina, Adedamola Salako, Seun Adejumobi, Ololade Okedare, Adewunmi Onofomi, Zoe Okedare and Jennifer Ugboh.