Watch Di’ja’s Thrilling Virtual Concerts Held to Raise Funds for Families Affected by the Pandemic

 There’s nothing quite like finding that balance for the things that you’re passionate about.

For Di’ja, it’s music and charity, and so she recently threw two virtual concerts to raise funds for families affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The singer has embarked on a gospel to lend her voice and the influence of her music to address the numerous challenges faced by less-privileged Nigerians.

She partnered with iChange Foundation for the first concert, and its proceeds were given to families living in remote parts of the country who have been drastically affected by the coronavirus, and families of healthcare practitioners who are at the frontline of the battle against the pandemic.

The huge success of the first concert brought to fruition the second one, which was held recently to endear her to her fans, and bridge the gap created by the coronavirus pandemic which has put a halt to live musical events and forced artists to connect with their fans virtually.

Stream the concerts below: