A Nigerian Igbo Pornstar Annie Blonde drags man on instagram for under-paying for sex

Nigerian porn star, Annie Blonde has called out a Nigerian man for allegedly paying seven Naira (N7) instead of the seven thousand naira (N7,000) they agreed on after a threesome phone sex. 

Annie Blonde disclosed that the man who allegedly had a threesome phone sex with her and her friend without paying for the services they rendered, claimed he was drunk at that time. 

She wrote; 

It’s better to beg for free f**k on video call , masturabation call than to disgrace yourself. I know how to make a man cum through video call this guy in question which i posted his face video with mine f**ked me and my friend on video call today and did fake transfer of 7naira which is meant to be 7k my own money.
This guy in question automatically f**ked me without paying and saying it’s because he is drunk. If you know you don’t have a money to f**k why don’t beg for free f**k rather than disgracing yourself online.. Dear guys if you want to Soapy make sure you have your money rather than disgracing yourself online . I just met him online today.

Nigerian porn star, Annie Blonde calls out man for paying N7 instead of N7k after threesome