A heavy GBAS GBOS erupted on Twitter between Australian Imam of Peace and Buhari over #CoronaVirus that birthed #PresidentCovik

An Islamic cleric based in Australia, Mohammad Tawhidi popularly known as 'Imam of Peace', has slammed Nigeria's President, Muhammadu Buhari, over his failure to address Nigerians on the Coronavirus pandemic that is spreading rapidly across the country and wreaking havoc. 

Tawhidi also berated Buhari for his poor handling of terrorism in Nigeria especially in the North-East region where Boko Haram has killed thousands and displaced millions. 
Expressing his thoughts on Twitter on Friday, Tawhidi said Buhari was not fit to be Nigeria's President.
According to him, the Nigerian Government under Buhari had failed the citizens. 
He said, "Weak leadership of Buhari, failed President. No realistic agenda to tackle Jihadists. All talk. 
"You don't even know the name of disease killing your people." 
Speaking further, Tawhidi said that supporters of Buhari were coming after him on Twitter over his comments. 
Reacting to the development, a former Minister of Aviation, Femi Gani-Kayode, said, "@Imamofpeace has focused his attention on @MBuhari and his goons, made a fool of them and taken them to the cleaners. 
"Nigeria has become the butt of cruel jokes and a laughing stock because our President has disappeared into thin air. 
"Where are the Bubu-lovers now?  We warned you." 
Also adding his voice to the issue, Reno Omokri, aide to former President, Goodluck Jonathan, said, "General @MBuhari has turned himself into an international figure of fun to the extent that one of the world’s most popular Islamic clerics, @Imamofpeace, described him as the “dumbest person in Nigeria."