See Aisha Yesufu's response to governor El-Rufai's son who described her as a ''mad'' woman

Aisha Yesufu, activist and co-convener of Bring Back Our Girls and Bashir, son of Kaduna state governor, Nasir El-Rufai, had a clash on Twitter yesterday.

Trouble started when Bashir left a comment on Twitter, describing Aisha, who is very critical of his father's government, as a mad woman.
I am fully proud to say that Aisha Yesufu is a wholly stupid being. Criticism is great, but madness is counterproductive.
She didn’t criticize my father, she insulted my father, unprovoked too, so forgive me but it’s quite personal. And I said what I said. She is mad'' he tweeted

Aisha Yesufu wasted no time to give him a savage response. Read below
''Take care of yourself my dear and give my love to your mum. I pray all her effort won't go to waste. For sure we mothers never give up on our sons no matter how wayward they are and I know she wouldn't give up on you''

 See Aisha YesufuSee Aisha Yesufu