Baby Shower by Minna Davies |#BabyShowerThePlay #LagosTheatreFestival2020 #LTF2020 @minandaz

Lagosians, art is about to be shaken at the annual Lagos Theatre Festival at the end of February.  What more? Love is in the air and so are babies! Does that make you think of a baby shower? Yeah! Minna Davies' play "Baby Shower" is one that takes you on a bumpy ride of the journey of friends who bite more cake than they can chew. Feelings get hurt, emotions go into overdrive, too many cards on the table to have good game. 

The play chronicles four classes of women in the society, The married woman without a child, the teen who made a mistake and gets pregnant, the rich success and love, and  and broken woman who feels a sex and relationship is what would make her happy.

The story is an exploration of choices,  decisions and sad fate. The writer  once again routes the path of "who is right and who is wrong?" life is all about choices and what you make of them. Now, with characters of immense verisimilitude, it couldn't be more could even find yourself on stage.
Come see Minna Davies' Baby Shower directed by Stanley Okeke at the Lagos Theatre Festival 

February Saturday, 29th 

Venue: Freedom park Brooklyn Bristro:  4PM-5PM and 6PM-7PM and Sunday,March 1st, British council: 3PM-4PM and 6PM-7PM!