A Fisherman – That’s What Cristiano Ronaldo Thought He’d Grow Up to Be

He’s now considered one of the greatest to ever kick a football, but when Cristiano Ronaldo was only a kid, he believed he’d spend his life as a fisherman.

After just turning 35, the Juventus player sat with Canal 11, according to Punch, where he looked back on his life.
I thought I was going to be a fisherman in Madeira.
This never came into my mind. I wanted to be a professional football but I didn’t think I was going to win everything I’ve won.
Now, at the stage of his career many believe to be the end, the legend has just one thing in his sights: his 6th Champions League title.
To play at Juventus gives me the chance to win it again.
We know it’s difficult, it depends on many factors, but it’s possible because we have a good team.