New Music: Fortune Binibor - Ama Nam

When heaven sends a new Sound it surely delivers to earth. Fortune Binibor a vessel to God’s honor has once again received a new Sound called AMANAM meaning (You’ve done well ).

The Nigerian Akwa Ibom language expresses the goodness of God in a life that has experienced trials and tribulations yet still standing strong.
With not enough words to explain, but with a heart filled with gratitude here comes AMANAM. 

Amanam is now available on various stores for download and streaming. Click any of the links below

Ama'nam is now available on digital stores below



  1. Adeyanju Anthony12:13 pm

    Soothing and good music... God is truly faithful and will keep doing well to us all

  2. What a Great and faithful God. If you call Him faithful, you will see his faithfulness. Acknowledge God this season laying aside all worries and demands

    Great one Minister Fortune Binibor

  3. Lovely music.
    God has done more than well to us.
    Thank you faithful God.
    More grace Fortune.

  4. The lyrics is quite deep. Thank you for being a blessing Mummy G

  5. More grace fortune.our God will take you to places. Lots of love from RCF

  6. Lovely song from Eghosa baby

  7. Great song, great worship. May his praise continually be on your lips. May you lead millions to the worship of Jesus. More oil for kingdom exploits sis

  8. Wao, Great he is.nice one Benin Boy. KEEP IT UP

  9. Wao, Great he is.nice one Benin Boy. KEEP IT UP

  10. Greatttttttttttttttt, keep it up dearest sister
    Papa's quote: we all shall be great and the Joy of it is that we all shall know ourselves.
    Love you more sisterly

  11. Hmmm. This is awesome. More grace sister.


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