You Don’t Drink or Smoke But That Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Have a Good Time at Parties!

Enjoying parties with friends when you don’t drink or smoke can be haarrrddd. People will also be staring at you condescendingly and be giving you names from the corners of their mouths. 
“Holy holy” “alfa” “pastor” “see am, e no dey drink, even Jesus turned water to wine”.
Some will even be bold enough to confront you and ask what you came to do at the party when you know you cannot mingle. “Why did you not just stay at home?” And you will be tempted to ask them what their business is.
But don’t worry, you can still carry your shoulders high and pretend that everything they are saying is not affecting you. Even if it is affecting you, just do odeshi and go about your normal business.
Many people have the misconception that to enjoy a party, you have to drink, smoke and go down low. But that is not always true. Parties are great events that help you unwind and loosen up, catch up on the latest social and street gist and have fun to the fullest. Who doesn’t love parties?
However, if you assume that you cannot enjoy parties if you don’t drink or smoke, then you’re holding on to the wrong perception of parties. This means that when you attend parties, you’re going to be overly conscious of yourself and you wouldn’t be free.
If you are one who doesn’t drink or smoke, you can still enjoy clubbing and owambes. Let’s show you how:
Don’t announce that you’re not drinking
First of all, don’t announce that you don’t drink or smoke so that no one will yab you. Saying things like “I don’t drink” or “I don’t smoke” will not only draw attention to you, but you’ll have different people trying hard to convince you to drink and smoke. And if you continually refute, they can ‘throw’ you out of their clique. Let them pour you a cup and if you can, excuse yourself, pour it out and replace it with your preferred drink. If you know you are jagaban and you can easily wave off yabis, by all means, declare your alcohol and cigarette celibacy. After all, no one has ever died from insort.
Dance your legs off
Parties are the perfect places to show off your dancing skills. If you are one of those people who dance in the bathroom or in front of the mirror, you now have the opportunity to display that Zanku legwork.
You can meet amazing people at parties. Some people have struck awesome business deals at parties. Some have found the love of their lives and they lived happily ever after. So what are you waiting for? Have you been eyeing that bobo or babe? Walk up to them at a party.
Take your soda with pride
You don’t drink alcohol? Drink your Maltina with pride! No one is going to punish you for drinking whatever you want to drink. After all, it is not going into their belly, is it? Alternatively, you can opt for non-alcoholic wine and enjoy yasef. No time.
Party hard but snap-chat harder. The world of social media has made partying fun! Why not indulge your followers by showing them what you are up to at the party? You get to have fun and gain more followers too!
Be the unofficial hype-man
If you don’t drink or smoke, you can be the unofficial hype-man of the party. Being a party cheerleader is an incredible way to enjoy yourself and have fun. Have you spotted a lady sitting at that corner? Go ask her out to dance! Is there someone dulling somewhere, go hype them up.
Participate in games
A lot of parties have gaming activities now and they are so much fun. Distract yourself by participating in the games. Who knows, you might even with some cool prizes.
Over to you regular party-goers – no shade, what do you do to have fun aside from drinking or smoking? Let’s learn from you.
Not a lover of parties? So what will you be doing this weekend? Let’s go catch some fun!
No dulling.