This Heartfelt Video Perfectly Shows What Love Means to Will Smith

Will Smith is here again with his definition of what love really is and what it means, and as always, it is spot-on, truthful, moving and inspiring.
In the touching video, Smith described love as “help” and “devotion” on his YouTube channel.
“You cannot make a person happy. Whether or not a person is happy is deeply and totally and utterly out of your control… the thing that we call love is actually not love”
“Love is when you’re committed to helping somebody with their life,” he said. “Helping them to suffer less, helping them to manage their minds and their emotions.”
“I think love is a deep desire for our loved one’s growth and their blossoming and their all-around well-being.” – Will Smith
He continued, “When you love somebody you want them to feel good. You want them to be happy and you want to see them succeed.”
The short video is a montage of clips consisting of heartfelt moments, including fathers and mothers with their children, loving partners and other adorable moments.