Tems is the “Queen of the Alternative Scene” on Accelerate TV’s The Cover

It’s definitely a November to remember as the queen of the Nigerian alternative scene, Temilade Openiyi, popularly known as Tems covers Accelerate TV’s The Cover.

A singer and producer, Tems is redefining the Nigerian music scene one note at a time.
She writes, sings and produces her music all by herself, and combines these 3 incredible talents with a unique sound.
Watch as she chats with Accelerate TV’s The Cover magazine, discussing her background, her music and the inspiration behind her iconic record, Try me.
On description of the Tems sound.
I think I would describe the Tems sound as soulful, powerful, passionate and emotional.
On major challenges faced as a alternative singer.
As a female artiste in the Nigerian music industry, I think the biggest challenges would be just trying to get as much respect, and there is more comparison, and you kind of have to work harder to get people to take you seriously.
Major misconceptions Nigerians have about the music industry.
The major misconception that Nigerians probably have about the music industry would be that it is organized or that there is a system or a formula that works for everybody, and you just have to do certain things but the truth is there is nothing that works, its only God and hard work, if you’re blessed then you are blessed.
On what inspires her sound.
God inspires my sound and He takes me through phases and He teaches me in the most amazing ways, there is no way I can fully describe it, I can only express it through my music.
On her music process.
My music creation process starts with me experimenting on my laptop, I prefer to produce my own stuff rather than just getting a beat and it really just depends on how I’m feeling and I just focus on whatever I’ve been thinking about or the mood I’ve been in for a while, there is usually something on my mind when I’m making music. I start with the drums sometimes or I start with the notes, then I develop it logically and map it out, do a freestyle, and then record it.
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