Pictures of what went down at the ticketing booth of NO HATE SPEECH by Omini Aho | #NoHateSpeech_OminiAho

It is no doubt Omini Aho has delivered greatly had he promised to make it a better comedy experience. No frenzy. No feud. No vendetta. No Hate Speech

Omini Aho an OAP, comedian, actor and entrepreneur flaged-off his comedy show NO HATE SPEECH November 10th with massive turn out of people from various background.
NO HATE SPEECH was indeed a comedy show never to be forgotten as major key stakeholder in the comedy were present to spice up the event.
BO HATE SPEECH had finest comedians like Bovi, Baba Tee, Kenny Black, MC Pencil, SeyiLaw, Like they say "Pictures don't lie"