Femi Falana reportedly says Sowore will be Released on Bail on Wednesday

A month after Sahara Reporters publisher Yele Sowore was granted by the Federal High Court in Abuja, his attorney, Femi Falana, has according to Punch said that he will be released on bail today, Wednesday.

Falana was said to have made the statement in court on Wednesday while representing both Sowore and his co-defendant, Olawale Bakare. He said:
I have already explained to the learned prosecuting counsel that we are encumbered by the refusal of the State Security Service to allow us to prepare for the defence of the defendants.
I had already asked my learned counsel for the prosecution, that we are confident that the defendants will be freed today (Wednesday) from the custody of the SSS having met the bail conditions imposed on them by this honourable court.
Once they are liberated from the custody of the SSS, we will be in a position to take full instruction from them.
Sowore’s bail was approved earlier in October, with stiff conditions, including a deposit of the sum of ₦50m and a ban from leaving Abuja, asked to be met.