The Special Foundation empowers More Children through its Summer School Program

The Special Foundation is a privately funded social impact organization focused on building Africa’s next set of Leaders by refining their minds through education. This is achieved by empowering less privileged, gifted African Children through education, mentorship, and leadership opportunities.

The foundation’s mission is to provide platforms where less privileged and highly talented children can be equipped with an education, mentoring and leadership training to bring about a positive influence on their world.
At the Special Foundation, they believe that every child is special and deserves basic education. Their faces, dreams, and backgrounds might be different but it is these differences that make them special. All of their dreams are valid, no matter their current situations or circumstances and we owe it to them to make sure that they are not condemned to a bleak future due to situations beyond their control.
Over the past 3 years, the foundation has offered scholarships to over 20 children from low-income homes through their Inspire Scholarship Program. Over 750 students have benefited from their Special Summer School Program; an annual 3 -week program aimed at improving the quality of education received by children in Northern Nigeria. Through this program, the literacy and critical thinking abilities of children from disadvantaged communities are greatly improved. During the Summer School, this year in Kuchiyako, Kuje, 120 children were trained in creative writing, public speaking, critical thinking, leadership, patriotism, and national values. 350 children received educational materials for school.
Pictures from the learning activities of the Special Summer school 2019

The foundation has built and renovated schools in disadvantaged communities through its School Builds Program to ensure that children have a safe and conducive environment for learning. Through a Mentorship Program, they have organized mentorship and leadership training sessions for over 100 children to ensure that they have the tools to fulfill their potential and the Special Summer School that teaches them important life skills.
Every one of the Special Foundation’s programs means so much to a child, a family and a community and so far over 600 families have been impacted directly or indirectly by The Special Foundation.
Very sadly, Nigeria has the highest number of children that are out of school. 13.2 million Nigerian children are out of school today. This means the total number of out of school children in Nigeria is greater than the entire population of Guinea or Rwanda, about twice the population of Libya and nearly thrice the entire population of Central African Republic.
This number is mind-boggling and should concern every citizen of our country. The future of these children is bleak as they can only resort to unjust means of survival. The rate of cybercrime, bullying, armed robbery, kidnapping, cultism, drug abuse, and fraud is on the rise. This is, therefore, a call to action. With the Special Foundation, many more people have a platform to participate and reach out to more children and give them not just access to education but hope and a chance at a better future.
Through the work of the foundation, the manner of thinking of the future leaders of our nation one step at a time, one child at a time. Well-meaning citizens of Nigeria and corporations have also come together with the Special Foundation to ensure that the number of out of school children in Nigeria is reduced and that these children are prepared for leadership.
A word from the founder, Seyi Akinwale,
“True economic development and good leadership can only be achieved by an inclusive educational system. When you educate young people, you are building the pillars of society. I believe in nation-building and that citizens must be the catalysts of the positive change they want to see in their communities. We cannot look to the government for solutions to all the social problems we find in our community. Join us at the Special Foundation to provide education for all”.
A word from our ambassador,Chukwuma Nwanze,
“These are tough times and there is no better time than now to join hands together to make the future brighter for every child. Millions of children in Nigeria dream of a better tomorrow but without education, there is no light and without light, there is no real ambition to dream. Dreams are however a function of the environment and the kind of education you have. At the Special Foundation, we want to enlighten the minds of the young people and reduce the disastrous statistics, one child at a time. We can’t do it all by ourselves so we want you to partner with us today”.
There’s an African proverb that says: “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together”. Through this platform, together we can reach millions of children in a decade and do even more thereafter.
Watch this video of the ambassadors of the foundation talk about the challenges facing the education sector, what they are doing about it and how you can be a part of the solution.
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Picture from a class on Patriotism and National National values during the Summer School
The children using LEGO bricks for a Nigerian map exercise during their critical thinking classes. LEGO Education was used to teach them teamwork, critical thinking, responsibility, etc
Seyi Akinwale and Oluwole Sokunbi with a student during the drawing competition at the closing ceremony of the Summer school
Presentation of educational materials (whiteboards, markers and exercise books) to LEA Primary school by the founder of the Special Foundation, Seyi Akinwale
The Special foundation ambassadors and volunteers pictured with the management of LEA Primary School at the closing ceremony of the Summer school 2019.
Presentation of back to school packs. Every student received exercise books and stationery for the new academic session.