Nigerians Run Riot In India After Alleged Killing Of Compatriot

Agroup of over 25 Nigerian nationals went on a rampage and vandalized
several vehicles in Nalasopara East after the suspicious death of a
friend in the wee hours of Wednesday, Indian police said.

Around six locals were injured in the process, the cops added.

A Nigerian national identified as Joseph, in his early 30s, was
allegedly beaten by some local youths of the Pragati Nagar area around
2.30 am.

Joseph's friends rushed him to a nearby hospital, where the doctors
declared him brought dead. Alleging murder by locals, about 25
Nigerians ran riot on streets the same morning, damaging vehicles —
autos, taxis, car, tempos, trucks, and bikes — in the locality, said a
cop from the Tulinj police station, reports.

Angry over the vandalism, locals demanded action against the
Nigerians, alleging that hundreds of them live there illegally and
carry out illegal work.

The police questioned the locals, some of whom claimed that the
deceased got into a fight with a few local youths, while several
others rubbished talk of fights that day.

A police team was deployed in the area and the situation was brought
under control. "We have checked CCTV footage which shows several
Nigerians taking the deceased to the hospital. Joseph's death at the
moment remains a puzzle. His post-mortem report will disclose the
actual cause of death," said a cop.

The Tulinj police have registered an Accidental Death Report based on
preliminary inquiry. They said there were no major injuries on
Joseph's body and only found minor injury marks on his shoulder.

The police have filed rioting and assault cases against the Nigerian
nationals but no arrest has been made yet, said Palghar district
police Public Relations Officer Hemant Katkar.