Nigerian Tunde Omisakin Gets 12 Years' Imprisonment For Cutting Girlfriend's Hand Leading To Her Death

Justice Adedayo Akintoye of Igbosere High Court in Lagos has sentenced
a man to 12 years' imprisonment for causing the death of his

Forty-six-year-old Tunde Omisakin was charged with manslaughter for
cutting the right hand of his girlfriend, Tina Toroso, with a cutlass
which resulted in her death.

The judge held that the prosecution proved the ingredients of
manslaughter beyond a reasonable doubt.

She noted that the prosecution witnesses’ evidence clearly established
how the incident happened.

“The prosecution evidence directly pointed to the defendant as the
person who caused the death of the deceased (Toroso).

“The defendant did not deny that he cut her hand but said he did not
intend to kill her.

“I hold that the ingredient of manslaughter has been proven by the
prosecution beyond a reasonable doubt,” Justice Akintoye said.

The judge held: “The evidence adduced by investigating officers during
investigations cannot amount to hearsay.

“I hold that the evidence of the prosecution is consistent and
therefore reliable.

“This court hereby finds Tunde Omisakin guilty of manslaughter and is
dully convicted.

“He is sentenced to 12 years imprisonment, the years of remand will be
deducted from his sentence.”