Stop Attacking Shoprite In Nigeria, They're Owned By Nigerians - Rotimi Sankore Warns

Rotimi Sankore, a veteran journalist and data analyst, has cautioned against attacking Shoprite. 

Sankore, who spoke during an ongoing journalism MasterClass held by the Civic Media Lab, said the Shoprite stores were owned by Nigerians. 
"Shoprite is a franchise. The stores are owned by Nigerians. The goods are owned by Nigerians. The staff are Nigerians," he said.
He added that MTN is a publicly-listed company, hence, Nigerians are part of the shareholders and will bear part of the loss of vandalizing the firm's properties. 
"In diplomatic incidents like that, one they attack Nigerians, what you do is to call their ambassador and request that the perpetrators be brought to justice. Plus, where our businesses are, we want lines of policemen there to demonstrate to the people looting that it cannot be allowed. 
"If they then fail to do that, you expel the ambassador. If after that another set of people are attacked, you seize South African assets in Nigeria and tell them it would be used to compensate the people that were attacked."
Sankore said it was the failure of the Nigerian government to take these strategic steps that led to the ongoing reprisals in the country.