Wema Sepetu to welcome her first child in 2020

Wema Sepetu has been trying to conceive for years now but it all seemed impossible due to a few complications.

In 2018 She however went to say that if she fails to get a baby by the time she was 30 years then she would stop trying.

Speaking to Global Publishers recently opened up saying that doctors have successfully solved her infertility issue and she is now ready to have children.
She went on to say
“Mwanzo nilisema nikifika umri wa miaka 30 kama sijapata mtoto, itanilazimu kufunga kizazi. Lakini madaktari wameniambia ninaweza kupata ujauzito kuanzia Januari mwaka ujao,”

Wema’s condition

According to Wema’s doctors the lass had apparently been suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD)- a hormonal disorder which enlarges ovaries containing multiple small cysts that end up preventing the ovaries from fertilizing.
She however underwent surgery last year and now is able to have her own kids.
Napenda mtoto wangu wa kwanza awe wa kiume. Wa kwanza akiwa wa kiume ataweza kuwaongoza wenzake watakaofuata. Lakini kama Mungu hakupenda hilo hata wa kike si mbaya.