Nikki Bella Confesses She Still Cries Over Her John Cena Breakup Despite New Romance

Even though she’s moved on with Artem Chigvintsev and she seems very in love, Nikki Bella admitted that she still cries over her failed relationship with John Cena! The retired WWE star opened up about it on her latest episode of The Bellas Podcast.

Nikki confessed that she misses her ex from time to time.
After all, she says that they ‘had an amazing bond’ so a love like theirs is hard to forget.
It all started with a fan asking how she’s been dealing with the split.
Nikki admitted that she’s really been struggling with it, saying that: ‘As far as how you get over a breakup, you really have to do the work on yourself. You really, truly, have to love yourself and every day dedicate something to you that is making you better. You also have to let yourself cry. That’s one thing my life coach helped me a lot with, because I still, you guys, get days when I cry about my breakup.’
She went on to further explain: ‘But we were together a long time, we had an amazing relationship and an amazing bond and a lot of love for each other. But, every day when I need to cry, I let myself cry, because crying is healing. And so, when those tears come, I don’t try to hold them in, I find a quiet place and I cry. Also, on top of it, I meditate.’
While it sounds like Nikki would have no problem getting candid about anything concerning their romance, she mentioned that she can’t go into much detail about that since she’s signed an NDA.