“I plan to have more kids with Diamond” Tanasha Donna discloses

Diamond’s Kenyan lover, Tanasha hints on baby number 2 soon after they settle on baby number 1.

The radio personality states that she does not mind having other babies on board with the bongo act.
I plan to have more kids with Diamond probably once my kid is about 5 to 7 years old. Then we can think of that.

Well, question that keeps popping is if she is sane because basing on the line of baby mamas has has grown over time, one would best advice her to re-think.
Through her Insta videos, the Kenyan beauty said she is already aware of Chibu’s philandering ways but who is she to judge him for his past?
She believes people change and that might have been his past and certainly not his present. This was her answer to fans who asked whether she was afraid of starting a family with the crooner.

Furthermore, the commercial model has had her past and her number of exes, and she believes so does everyone else.
Everyone has an ex, everyone has a past. Kabla nimjue Diamond, mi mwenyewe nilikuwa na exes. You know, I had 3 different exes before I was with him. So I can’t judge anyone from their past but doesn’t mean I’m going to completely  ignore it.  I am interested with the person he is right now. If you treat me good right now, then we’re good. Point blank period!
It’s her life and decisions to make.