Ayanda Borotho’s letter to her younger self: ‘It wasn’t your fault’

Cape Town - Many adults experienced childhood traumas they have yet to deal with.
And if these traumas are continually bottle up, they have the potential to become more dangerous as we grow older.
But actress and author Ayanda Borotho has found a way to deal with the troubles from her younger days, and she recommends we all try it.

Taking to Instagram as she often does, the Isibaya actress wrote a letter to her younger self apologising to her and telling her how much she loves her.
“I love you. I forgive you. I celebrate your greatness. I see you. I honour you. You didn't know better. You will make it. You made it. It wasn’t your fault,” she wrote.
The mother of four went on to advise her more than half a million followers to tell themselves all the things they wish they were told when they were younger.
“Tell your younger self the things you wish you were told as a child. It heals what you didn’t heal in your childhood but took with you into adulthood. You’ll struggle to reach your full adult potential without releasing the hurt child that’s still crying for help.”
She explained what happens when we don’t deal with the things that happened to us as children.
“Pain holds us back. Wounds imprison us. You have a responsibility to heal that girl first so you can become the woman you were ought to be.”
This is the type of advice you can expect from her upcoming book, Unbecoming to Become: My Journey Back to Self.