COZA: I Believe Busola Dakolo, Says Apostle Chris Omatsola, Biodun Fatoyinbo's Friend

Apostle Chris Omatsola, a Lagos based cleric has said that the decision of the founder of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, to step down over the rape allegation against him is the right thing to do.

He said he believed Busola Dakolo's story and urged Fatoyinbo to retrace his step. 

Omatsola, who is the head of Zionwealth Church, Lekki, Lagos, in an interview with Saturday Punch said, “I went to see him (Fatoyinbo) and we discussed for over two hours. What he suggested to me then is what he is doing right now. Stepping down is the right thing to do.

“Honestly, I believe Busola’s story. She cannot come out to lie against him. What for? Is it for money or fame?

“Busola and her husband, Timi Dakolo, are already famous and have money. I believe she did it for conscience's sake and to help other people.

“I advise that he (Fatoyinbo) should get himself together and push up again; it is not the end of life and (his) ministry. He should not sink into depression. He should get things right with God.

“He has taken the right step by stepping down so that it does not appear like he took the allegation lightly or that he mocks Christianity.

 “I do not support rape or violence in any form and I believe her story. I pray that God will heal her heart and wound.”​